Jesus is More

I’ve been searching for a good book to read. I am so tired of reading the same…..old…..thing. Know what I mean? It’s like everyone jumps on the bandwagon and focuses on the same topic. Too often I find myself skimming over words without really reading them because I swear I just read the same thing in the book I read before.
We were recently visiting with lifelong friends when I asked one of them if she was reading anything right now. She told me she was, and her facial expression and tone in her voice told me that I needed to get it before I even heard the title. She told me she was reading The Crucified Life — How to Live Out a Deeper Christian Experience. It’s filled with wisdom from A.W. Tozer, compiled by James L. Snyder.
Just received it yesterday and let me tell you what! I’ve already underlined paragraphs in the Introduction. It’s so fresh and different – maybe because it’s filled with wisdom and information from years ago. Tozer died in 1963, but his passion for Christ lives on.
There’s one thing in it that I want to share. If you aren’t a believer, or maybe you ARE, but you’re trying to understand why other people make such a big deal about Jesus, why they put so much effort into trying to change some of their ways, why they post scriptures and excerpts from devotions on FB, and why it’s so important for them to be in Bible studies, church, and to serve—perhaps this will help you understand why.
This was one of the things I underlined in the Intro, written by Rev. James L. Snyder.
“Tozer taught that Christ did not die on the cross just to save people from hell; rather, He died on the cross so that all could become one with Christ.”

Jesus is more than a ticket to Heaven.


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