I Lied — I’m Lying. Why? Why Not.

I remember the day when I believed ……almost anything. I trusted so many people. I was…..SO gullible. I was that girl who always looked for the best in others. Never understood why others would be so quick to judge.

All of that changed when experience painted a different picture.

After teaching children for several years, I decided I needed a break. I worked in the Magistrate’s office for four years. Let’s just say–my eyes were opened.

I learned on maybe day 2 that people lie. Every day. The stories I could share are ridiculous.


I’m calling because I’m stranded. Flat tire! Can’t make it to Court today.” – Said about 100 people.

“I didn’t drink a sip of alcohol. I was just holding the container for my friend when she went to the bathroom.” – Said almost every other person who had to come to Court for underage drinking or possession.

My client couldn’t be here because she’s in the hospital. I am her attorney.”- said the defendant.

OK, perhaps I’m exaggerating. But not by much!

People–stop making up stuff. Telling the truth and owning up to your mistakes is the right thing to do. Didn’t you learn that long ago? No, you didn’t, but I’m sure you heard about it.

We’ve all been placed in a position where telling the truth was more than uncomfortable, more like humiliating. No one likes it, and most of the time–it’s due to a poor decision on our part.

One thing that comes to my mind is this: We will all have to face our Maker one day. We will all be held accountable for our decisions. On that day, nothing will be hidden, because He knows everything.

“For it is written: “As surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before Me; every tongue will confess to God.” Romans 14:11

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” Luke 8:17


Does that truth change anything for you? I’m far from perfect, but that truth has changed me. I hope it changes you…



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