Lesson No. 1

I moved to the beautiful state of Florida  last June. Everyone here kept apologizing for the heat and humidity. They told us to just wait, because beginning in November it was going to cool down and that we would LOVE the weather here.  And they were right.

As I was walking today, January 13, 2017, I noticed several things that I never in a million years would see or hear back home during the winter months. Things like the sound of air conditioners running. I saw flowers blooming on bushes and trees. It was warm, but it was very pleasant. People were sunbathing at the pool. I was wearing shorts. There was a nice breeze. It was almost everything you could ask for.

January in Florida.

When I recently flew back to Indiana, the state where I lived for most of my life, I overheard this guy complain about the cold and dreary weather as soon as he got off the plane. The gentleman asked his wife, “Why on earth do we live where they have the  crummiest weather?” His beautiful wife continued walking with bags in her hands and a cute little one by her side. Once again, I heard him grumble about going back to winter.

His question has stuck with me ever since.

I now live in an area that is absolutely beautiful–every single day. The ocean is about 20 minutes away. I can head out to my car without worrying about slipping on the ice in the parking lot. No more warming up the car and scraping  ice off of my windows. The thing is, all those wonderful things don’t make this home. They don’t even make this a better place to live.

What does?

I wish I would’ve had the words to tell that guy that beautiful weather isn’t everything. Family, friends, and having a purpose in life–that’s everything.




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