The Smile File

My husband absolutely loves the fact that I teach preschool.  I think he would admit that it’s because he  loves hearing all the stories that I share with him. Most of them are funny – some are even HILArious, but there’s been a few times when a story was simply about something that touched my heart. That’s exactly what happened at the beginning of this school year.

Because I feel this is so personal, I made sure that it was ok for me to share with others….

The first week of school, I (and my co-worker) received something unique from a student and her parents. I was given a folder that had “Miss Teri’s Smile File ” written on it. My student’s mom explained that I would understand it’s significance when I read her card. It’s obviously busy when you’re working with children, so I waited until lunch to read it. Mercy…

I’ve known this sweet family for several years, so I was very aware of the losses they’ve experienced. I’ve prayed for them, and I can’t put into words how much it means to see how God has brought them through some very difficult times. How encouraging is it to know that it CAN be done. God is so amazing. He blows my socks off sometimes!!!!

She explained in the card that because they lost her husband’s dad and step mom last year, she was looking for a way to keep their memory alive for her children. Her step mom, Anne-Marie, was an administrator at a school here in Indiana. One way that she encouraged and expressed her love for her staff was by giving each employee a Smile File. Anything smile-worthy was to be put into the file so that they could enjoy those special memories – year after year. What a lovely thing to look forward to even in the MIDDLE of the year!

Anyway… passing on the Smile File, this family is helping their kids remember one of the many things that made Anne-Marie so special. What a tribute. I’m so thankful that I could be a little part of such a great thing.

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