Day one, One day late…


It’s something that I’ve heard about for years, but never really saw it’s significance until a few years ago.

I worked for someone who observed it, believed in its impact, and was truly obedient to his promise to God. Although he didn’t dwell on or talk much about what he was giving up, he often expressed his great anticipation for that beautiful day when he, his family, and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.

This is my first time to truly make a commitment for this period of time. I’ve searched my heart, and have decided to make the effort to appreciate a moment – even on a horrible, bad day.

So, when I was driving home yesterday, all I could think of was how dreary, cold, windy, and blah it was – that is until I noticed the clouds across the field. That was my moment. Thank you, Lord.

winter sky 003

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