Light at the End of the Tunnel

Winter 2014 015

Winter 2014 014

Potter’s Bridge in Noblesville, Indiana. I made a quick stop today to take pictures of my favorite walking trails after the snow had finally slowed down. It’s always so beautiful, peaceful, and extremely quiet as you walk on the powdery snow. One of my favorite things to do.

After taking picture after picture, I finally took cover inside the above covered bridge because of the bitter cold. My hands were freezing – I could barely press down on the button to take another photo!

I was getting ready to head back to the car when it hit me – as I took a look back – how beautiful the interior was that had surrounded me. I had been so focused on the snow, that I almost missed it!

Such as life, huh? How many times do we miss a blessing, all because we are so focused on the wrong thing?

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