Straight from a Child’s Heart…

Oct. 2012 preschool superheros 014

I am so blessed to have a job I love – I teach preschool. For many years I have worked with children – in one way or another. I watched teachers’ children after school, raised 3 sons, taught Sunday school and junior church, assisted in a kindergarten class, and now teach at a private preschool.

Most days, you are blessed beyond measure because of their inquisitive minds, ‘to the point’ comments, and actions of kindness.  Sometimes you witness unbelievable  moments, like when a student rushes over to help another, without being told to do so.  Kindness – straight from a child’s heart.

One day, a student was crying because his grandfather had recently passed. Another little boy scooted over and put his arm around him. Compassion –  straight from a child’s heart.

I will never forget a little boy, James, who brought in a picture of his dad. I knew that his grandparents were raising him, but I didn’t know why. He was so excited about this picture, and asked if he could share it with the class. As he held it up for his classmates to see, the teachers  quickly realized by his dad’s attire that he was incarcerated.  It was Christmastime, and apparently James  had gone to visit him. Such a bittersweet moment to see a young boy be so proud of his father – considering the circumstances. Such a good lesson for us all – to love unconditionally.

I was helping a three-year-old  turn on the faucet in the bathroom. She looked around the room, and asked me this: Miss Teri, where is the bathtub?  Me: Well, we don’t have a bathtub at preschool. Student: Why not? Me: Because we don’t need one, I guess. Student stands back from me with wide eyes: Then WHERE do you  take a bath?! Me laughing as I realized she thought I lived at preschool:  I take baths at my home.  I live in a house like you do. Student: Then where do the OTHER teachers take a bath? Me: Your hands are clean now. Let’s go.

We were practicing for our Christmas program in the Sanctuary. One little boy was vocally admiring the stained-glass windows. It was his first time to be in a church. He wanted to know who was pictured on one particular window. The teacher explained that it was Jesus. Student: But where’s a picture of God? Teacher wasn’t quite sure how to explain, so she said that there wasn’t a picture  because no one has seen him. Student: He’s invisible? Teacher gave the best answer: He’s in your heart. Student: Big grin.

Little boy was in the bathroom. For whatever reason, he was afraid to be alone, so he asked if I could stand outside the door. He insisted that the door be cracked open. He carried on a conversation about things I don’t recall, except for  the last question – one I will never forget! Student:  Miss Teri, are you a ‘foder’ or a ‘water’?  Me: I’m really not sure what you’re asking me. Student: Do you ‘fode’ your toilet paper, or do you ‘wad’ it all up into a ball? My mom ‘fodes’ it, and my dad ‘wads’ it up into a big ball, so what do YOU do? (Yes, I shared that with his dad. ha-ha!)

This year, before Thanksgiving, we asked each student what he/she was thankful for. We had a variety of answers ranging from their dog, their grandma’s dog, their stuffed animals, horse, grandparents, mom, dad, Disney World, and their toys. The last boy to be called on said something that  touched my heart. Student: I’m glad that God made me.

The last thing I want to share is one of those moments that I experienced  with one of my sons. I believe he was in the second grade. I was tucking him in his bed, and he whispered to me this question: Is there really a Santa Claus? Me: What do you think? My son: I want you to tell me the truth. Me: Sigh… My son: So, is there really a Jesus? Me: Yes. All that I’ve told you is true. Son: Are you sure? Me: Yes. Everything I’ve taught you about Jesus is true. It’s something I believe with all of my heart, and I hope that you will always believe, too.


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