Blue isn’t My Favorite Color Anymore

As I was backing out of my driveway this evening, I attempted to use my backup camera to make sure the way was clear. Unfortunately, the camera was covered with ice,  so my view was pretty distorted.   My dad taught me many years ago that  ‘you can never be too careful!’, so I made sure I looked all around before heading down the drive. Depending on a distorted view would be dangerous. Agree?

So, why do we do that with life?

We live life based on distorted views all the time! We make decisions based on what others think or say. Soon our emotions, feelings, or sometimes memories of past experiences – good or bad, become our captain rather than God.  THEN, we have the nerve to ask God why our life is a mess…..or why we are unhappy. Why, why, WHY?!

My life has been taking a turn lately. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I find comfort in knowing that God is walking me through this. I had been feeling really blue for a while, and couldn’t seem to snap out of it.  Been there? I prayed and prayed about it, and then something happened….

About two weeks ago, I was sitting at my computer  – looking at all my ‘friends’ comments and posts on Facebook. That’s something that I’ve done daily for about 6 years. Most of my thoughts were not  good. I found myself being judgmental, jealous, skeptical, laughing AND then blue – all in a matter of minutes! It hit me that I was putting so much time into something that was hurting me both emotionally and spiritually, so I shut down my account. I’m not saying that everyone should do this, but because of how I’m wired – it was the right answer for me.

What is replacing your time of prayer,  time in his Word, or time in His house? What is distorting your view, and causing you to be discouraged – or stealing your joy –  or making you blue? Whatever you do, remember to pray, pray, pray – every day.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ~ Pray without ceasing…


Just close your eyes

And open your heart

And feel your worries

And cares depart,

Just yield yourself

To the Father above

And let Him hold you

Secure in His love –

For life on earth

Grows more involved

With endless problems

That can’t be solved-

But God only asks us

To do our best,

Then He will take over

And finish the rest-

So when you are tired,

Discouraged, and blue,

There’s always one door

That is open to you –

And that is the door

To the house of prayer

And you’ll find God waiting

To meet you there,

And the house of prayer

Is no farther away

Than the quiet spot

Where you kneel and pray—

For the heart is a temple

When God is there

As we place ourselves

In His loving care,

And He hears every prayer

And answers each one

When we pray in His name

“Thy will be done”—

And the burdens that seemed

Too heavy to bear

Are lifted away

On the wings of prayer. ~ Helen Steiner Rice




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