Thankful for Healing

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Went to visit my brother today. Our day wasn’t your typical Thanksgiving get-together, but it was a true blessing in many ways. Guess that’s all that matters. 

Rather than cooking all morning and trying to figure out how to keep everything in one piece after an hour-long drive,  we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at Applebee’s – Rob’s  favorite restaurant. It was funny because he knew exactly what he was going to order before we even left his apartment.   I have never met anyone who appreciates anything and everything as much as my brother.

As soon as we left his place to go eat, he and I began to reminisce about the old days. We mainly talked about  people/old friends  from our hometown.  Always fun (and interesting ) to take time and  think about those people you once spent so much time with back in the day.

Sometime during our conversation I turned around to look at Rob while he was talking.  He stopped talking for a moment and told me that I looked like our mom. (I wanted to say – you mean I look old, right?  Haha.) He then said how much he missed her (and our dad). It was then that I knew where we needed to go before we stopped for lunch….

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t visited my mom’s grave in years. I always used the excuse that I didn’t see the purpose when I knew she wasn’t there.  The cemetery she’s buried in is pretty big, and my memory definitely isn’t what it used to be – so, I had to check with the cemetery’s superintendent for directions. 

It was an embarrassing moment for me – having to tell this stranger that I needed help finding my mom’s resting place. I somehow felt as though I was walking into the principal’s office.  I kept waiting for him to put me on the spot and ask questions.  Rather than embarrass me with questions or comments, he simply pulled out a map and acted grateful to help me.  I was SO relieved and thankful.

When I finally found her headstone,  all I could think was – why had I waited so long?

I guess this trip stirred up a lot of memories…and emotions. Although there were good times in my childhood, there were a few that broke my heart. When we got back into the car at the cemetery, Rob questioned me about those painful times – one that I had totally pushed out of my mind.

Bad things happen to all of us – I know. The good thing is when you put all of your hope and faith in the Lord…things sure do change in your heart.

What an amazing feeling it is when you realize that your heart has  been healed. Thankful.

Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promises is faithful.”

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