Here’s Your Sign

I read a friend’s post the other day that said he was thankful  for all the things that didn’t go right (or that were difficult) in his life, because it was those times that shaped him into the person he is today. I think this friend is one smart cookie.
It’s amazing how God can place different people and difficult circumstances in your path – at the perfect time – to teach you, mold you, and change you into the person that he wants you to be – if you allow him. 
As I was driving south of Indy  the other night, a man waving a sign (to advertise some type of business) caught my eye.  Although it was somewhat difficult to see his face because of his stocking cap, topped with a hood that hugged his face, I soon  realized that I knew the man standing there waving  – he was  my brother. I confess that tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of my 47 year-old brother having to stand out in the cold like that , not to make ends meet –  but in order to survive.
Rob is on disability, so he is limited to how many hours he can work per week.  When he is able to keep a job, he works hard and will do what it takes to put food on his table. Ironic that someone who is mentally challenged understands that you shouldn’t expect others (or God) to provide you with everything  you need….or want, without any effort of your own.
What gives me chills is that it was a last minute decision to take a different route to get to my destination the other day.  I had no clue that Rob worked on that street….No doubt that God wanted me to see him for reasons that only me and my maker need to know. : )
I know I don’t  express it like I should, but I love and admire Rob – more than he’ll ever know. And like my friend, I am thankful for those difficult times – because it is then that God has reminded me that I have so much more to work on in order to become what he wants me to be.

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