Things Will be Fine – Just in Time

Preschool 036

When I was walking in the  park the other day, I kept searching for that perfect  tree. You know, the one with the most vibrant, colorful leaves  – one that would truly make a statement of how beautiful an Indiana fall can be.

I saw one that was filled with bright yellow leaves, and then there was one filled with orange. A few still had their green, and then there were those that barely had one. 

 After walking all over and snapping picture after picture,  I finally decided to stop. I thought – SURELY one of these photos would be what I want.  

As I walked back to my car, I looked down and was  so surprised to see that the BEST picture of all would be  right there by my feet.

 I think about all of that time wasted as I looked for that perfect tree, when what I truly wanted was right in front of me! Leaves of many colors….fallen from the trees. How did I miss their beauty? How could I possibly not see – that everything I needed was right in front of me.

So, what are you searching for? How ’bout your time. Are you walking around aimlessly, or in a straight line. What is your focus? God is mine. Don’t ever stop looking, loving and caring. Before you know it you’ll discover His blessings, just in time.

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