Life isn’t Picture Pefect

Minnesota 001Minnesota 007

Just got home from a trip to Minnesota late last night. Long drive – short visit, but I’m grateful for it.

Sitting here thinking….Isn’t it funny how you get in your mind what your expectations are for something – including a weekend? I had in MY mind what would make for a pleasant, memorable trip, but pretty much none of it  happened – except for the fact that we were able to spend quality time with our son. Absolutely the most important thing on our agenda.

Highlight for me was definitely on Sunday evening. The four of us had dinner, then bought snacks to bring back to the hotel room and watched the Colts. Brought back so many memories of when the boys were young and we actually spent time together in one room! The things we take for granted….

My disappointment came on the trip home. I was hoping to get a lot of pictures of some of that beautiful farmland you see in Wisconsin, but my attempts to capture some of those beautiful views only created total frustration.

Every single time I would see exactly what I wanted as a keepsake photo, traffic or road construction would prevent us from pulling over. I finally put my camera away and pretty much pouted.

S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y. Why did something SO simple have to be SO difficult?! Such as life, huh?

Why do we allow disappointments cloud our view of how much God is truly blessing us ? Sad thing is, many times we don’t see it that way.

I was reminded of that very thing as I decided to download the pictures this afternoon that I attempted to take while trucking along Interstate 94. Although these weren’t the ones that I had hoped for, God provided something much better than I ever dreamed. Always amazed…. 




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