Friends, Fries and Faith

When you hear the word ‘McDonald’s’, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Would it be those delicious fries, or are you one that loves  to eat a Big Mac? Although those fries are very close to being my top choice, the first thing that comes to my mind are actually people.

McDonald is the last name of one of our first neighbors that we met when we moved into our neighborhood – years ago.  The ironic thing is that the owners of a local McDonald’s franchise moved into the house next to them.

Every time we would mention our neighbors across the street, our kids would always ask us if we were talking about the ‘real’ McDonald’s, or if we were referring to the people who owned McDonald’s?” It was one of those conversations that we would repeat over and over again. Then laugh about the fact we had the same conversation – AGAIN!

Both neighbors have always been such a blessing. Although we never became close friends, we have always looked out  for one another. We’ve met in the middle of the street many times to share health concerns  or simply talk about the weather or what was happening in our neighborhood. So pleasant – so thankful.

A few years ago,  this gentleman and his wife started coming to our church. His name – Ron McDonald. He has a sense of humor that you wouldn’t believe. He’s one of those people that captures your undivided attention  when he tells a story.  What a gift.

One Sunday morning, Ron shared this story with us. He and his wife were out working in their front yard. Ron said that one of the owners of McDonald’s  (our neighbor) pulled up  in front of his home one day. Although they had never met, she was stopping to compliment them on their hard work they were putting into their yard.

The owner reached out her hand and introduced herself, and then Ron told her that…well, that he was Ronald McDonald.  I can’t begin to imagine the look that was on her face!  From what I recall, he didn’t get much of a reaction from her, but I believe the conversation ended soon after that.

The last group of people that comes to mind are several  wonderful McDonald employees that I have come to know. I have this horrible habit.  I go through McD’s drive- thru almost every morning to get a large diet coke for the day. I know that it’s something that I don’t need, but I do it anyway.

After seeing these people day after  day, they not only know my car, my order, but they also KNOW my voice! I may only see and talk to these people a few minutes every day, but that’s all it takes for them to recognize my voice, know who I am and what I want!

What a perfect example of how important it is to keep a routine with God.  What a difference it makes when you make it a ‘habit’ to talk with him –  every single day. When you make it a priority to spend time with him….in his word and in prayer, you not only will be able to hear and recognize his voice, you will know what he wants.  Listen for his voice….and follow.

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” ~ John 10:27

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