Better Late than Never.

Ever wonder if what you have to say makes a difference? If a  child’s words can rock someone’s  world, then why question the weight of yours? Believe me, it doesn’t take a degree to make someone qualified to speak the truth and change the course of your day.

Many years ago, when our three sons were young, I remember  having ‘one’ of those mornings. If you have kids, then you know what I mean!  Don’t recall what all happened, but whatever it was – it caused us to run late for church.

My husband had  left early for Sunday School (he was the teacher), so I had to gather the troops on my own along with getting myself ready.  One of my pet peeves back then was being late. I can’t tell you how many times  I backed out of something because I knew I wouldn’t be on time.

Well, that particular morning, I let my emotions and frustrations get the best of me.  After seeing the time and realizing that we were r-e-a-l-l-y going to be late,  I  gave up and told the boys that we were going to stay home that day. Just didn’t see the point. I’ll never forget hearing these words come from my 3 year-old:

“We’re not going to church? You mean,  you don’t want us to learn about Jesus?”


Needless to say, I made sure that we made it to church that morning.  

Frustration and expectations  cloud things up so that we can’t ‘see’ the point of trying anymore. Pastor Steve Poe said this: “The person who cannot see the ultimate becomes a slave to the immediate.” So true.

So thankful  for God’s plan and that he continues to wait on me  – even when I’m running late, or worse yet – when I’m heading in the wrong direction.




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