Trash Talk

Have had this on my mind for about a year. This is NOT meant to be a negative aimed at all men. I KNOW that there are several out there who have their act together – unless they have me totally fooled – which is possible. Haha.

This last year, I have read through numerous comments on a particular popular meteorologist’s Facebook page, of which I have been a follower.  There is no argument here that she is absolutely beautiful.  

What disturbs me is this….

I’ve seen MANY comments from men that have thanked this person for a great forecast, and worded it as if SHE created the beautiful day?! Ugh. Please. I read comment after comment  about her sexy  feet/toes after she posted a picture of her feet. I remember reading one guy’s comment that said “We want to see the rest of you!” (You can bring me a trashcan anytime now because the thought of it all makes me sick.)

Not too long ago I was asked what one “super power” I would want to have, if any.  Believe it or not, it was the ability to read people’s minds/thoughts.  Well, I think with the help of modern technology, unfortunately – we’re almost there.

I guess I lived in a sheltered world prior to the Internet, Facebook and Twitter. Whatever  you want to call it, I want it back.  I’m not sure I WANT to know what others “like” anymore.

I realize that it is my choice whether or not to read something, but I have to wonder  – where does it stop? WHY don’t these men, several  who were married, see that what they were saying (for the world to see) was wrong?!  Doesn’t anyone even care anymore?

Yes, I DO know how men think (I am married and have 3 sons), but I also know what God says about lust and what he says about marriage. Even if these people don’t have a clue or care about what God thinks, where are some morals?

Hey, we all have our battles and temptations, both men and women. We all fail – myself included. But it’s so disheartening to see so many abuse and trash that freedom – something that was intended to be a gift.

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